MAR 22 – JUNE 2

The SPAMiest Parody In Utah!

Fellow patriots, we’ve got trouble, right here in Salt Lake City! We invite you to join the revolution! Don’t be a rebel, and come chuckle your way through this rollicking parody. We’ve slapped on a new redcoat of paint, casted a few stars and stripes, and tuned up our 1776 trombones. We’ve tightened out corsets, buckled our britches, cinched our scabbards, and polished our patriotism.

Spamilton: Where you’re sure to snort and chortle your way through the revolution!

Alexandra Christensen

Corinne Adair, Melissa Cecala

Kimber Lynn Kimball

Sara McDonald, Carli Evans

Aaronica Tyler

Jessica Pearce, Hillary Akin Carey

Delilah Tyler

Brittany Shamy, Jessica Yergensen

Zebidiah Hamilton

Daniel Larrinaga, Todd Michael Thompson

Darren Burr

Lee Daily, Nick Whittaker

Willie Tyler Daniel Akin

Matt O’ Malley, Justus Jorgenson

Writer Scott Holman
Director Scott Holman
Musical Director Ben Mayfield
Choreographers (Show) Allison Cox, (Olio) Hillary Carey
Accompanist David Slack, Catie Omer
Set Designers/Builders Ken Lineberry, Louis Bitterman, Brian Tolman, Timothy Riggs, Remington Sorenson
Costume Design Lynn Funk, Lee Daily, Corinne Adair
Lighting/Sound Designer Eric Jensen
Light/Sound Tech Eric Jensen, Brian Tolman
Stage Managers Brian Tolman, Collin Anderson, Brady C. Wilkinson

The menu includes gourmet pizza and hamburgers, fresh wraps, appetizers, and scrumptious desserts.