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Employee Quiz
Unit 1. The Desert Star Tradition
1. Team members who will be successful at Desert Star will have these characteristics: *
2. To emphasize the level of hospitality we want to provide our patrons, we refer to them as: *
3. What is the Desert Star slogan? *
4. Which is our busiest day of the week? *
5. Every team member has a role to play in our nightly show. Those who are not actors are: *
6. At Desert Star, what’s the most important thing we’re trying to sell? *
7. What is the motto of The Gracious Host? *
8. According to the "Unhappy Guest Policy," if you spill a drink on a guest, what should you do first? *
9. As a supporting player, your "stage" is: *
Unit 2. Personal Appearance & Dress Code
10. Our Personal Appearance Policy is patterned after the policy at: *
11. Which words best describe the appearance required of our employees? *
12. Most employees may wear jeans in good repair and a polo shirt. *
13. If employees alter their appearance after getting hired so that it no longer conforms with our policy, they won’t be able to work until they correct the change. *
14. All clothing must be: *
15. Visible tattoos are permissible, as long as they are small and in good taste. *
16. Extreme or trendy hairstyles and hair colors are not permitted. *
17. Female servers with longer hair: *
18. Neatly-trimmed moustaches and beards are permissible. *
19. Visible piercings, other than single-hole ear piercing for women, are not permitted. *
20. Kitchen team members are expected to wear gloves at all times when they are preparing or handling food. *
Unit 3. General Policies
21. In some departments, you’ll be required to find someone to cover your shift if you are unable to work it. *
22. Employees may use their cell phones at work, as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. *
23. It’s against company policy to discuss your tips and wages with your co-workers. *
24. Employees may smoke in the parking lot on an approved break. *
25. Attendance at training meetings is preferred, but you can be excused as long as you get a friend to tell you what you missed. *
26. When you are not scheduled to work: *
27. All food service employees are required to obtain a Food Handler's Permit: *
28. Employees may park their cars: *
Unit 4. Code of Conduct
29. It's okay to use foul language behind the scenes at work as long, as it's not in front of guests. *
30. Coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol could result in immediate termination. *
31. Health code violations frequently happen in restaurant kitchens, and the Health Department only enforces the most important ones. *
32. A little horseplay at work is fun, and will be tolerated as long as it doesn't get out of hand. *
33. Clocking in or out for someone else is against company policy. *
34. Frequent tardiness or absences from work is grounds for disciplinary action. *
35. Dating a coworker builds team spirit and is encouraged. *
Unit 5. Sexual Harassment Policy
36. Only managers can be accused of sexual harassment. *
37. Repeatedly asking a co-worker for a date after being turned down could be considered sexual harassment. *
38. Making sexual comments to a co-worker while texting could be considered sexual harassment. *
39. Giving a back rub to another employee who doesn't want one could be perceived as sexual overtones and could be considered sexual harassment. *
40. If you report sexual harassment to a manager, the company is required to investigate and speak to the accused employee. *