Since 1989

Desert Star Playhouse has built a solid reputation for producing hilarious, family-friendly entertainment. Located in Murray, Utah, the theater has built a base of loyal fans from all over the state and beyond.  Desert Star produces original musical comedies. We offer outrageous parodies of classic movies, TV shows, and Broadway hits, with a melodramatic twist! Each show also features a high-energy variety show we call ‘The Olio’ following the play with more singing, dancing and Desert Star comedy.

It’s 2 shows in 1!

People come to our theater to laugh!

And we’ll have you laughing until your sides ache with our hilarious season of shows. Boo the villain and cheer the hero as you experience our fast-paced precision comedy with an exciting element of unpredictability! Actor ad-libs and skilled improvisations are also part of Desert Star’s unique style. Jokes about current events, local sports and celebrities find their way into the production. It’s knee slapping, laugh-out-loud fun.  A variety of tasty food selections can be ordered right at your table. The menu includes gourmet pizza and hamburgers, fresh wraps, and scrumptious desserts. All food is optional and not included in the ticket price.

Audience Interaction. Outrageous Parody. Unpredictable Fun.

Season of Family Fun!

You’re not going to miss out on a single show. We’ve got the perfect season ticket package for you!