Nov 14 – Jan 4

The Grouch, upset he doesn’t have a TV show like his greener and more famous brother, is determined to steal Christmas from the town of east Provo. With help from his talking-dog Kenny, he captures Momma Who’s children and takes them prisoner in his cave on Squaw Peak.

Will all this add up to a hilarious happy ending?

Aug 29 – Nov 9

Geeky Walter gets a “Dear John” from his fiance because he spends too much time fantasizing about “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings.” Walter must journey to Middle-Earth with a zany band of misfits to return balance to the the world…and his girlfriend.

Join this hilarious adventure to find out if Walter can defeat the Dark Lord Sharon and become a hero to couch potatoes everywhere.

Jun 13 – Aug 24

The hilarious misadventures of five muns trying to manage a fundraiser. Sadly, the rest of the brotherhood died from botulism after eating pasta prepared by Brother Gordon Rameses of Egypt.

The remaining brothers stage a talent show in order to raise the money to bury their dearly departed.

Mar 28 – Jun 8

Two famous outlaws make a stop in Murray to hide out from the law, where they run into one of Butch’s old rivals, a gambler named Deadeye Dawson. Deadeye wants to get control of a mine.

Butch finds himself in a battle of wits with Dawson to try to save the mine, but he soon learns that he may get more than he bargained for.

Jan 11 – Mar 23

Cursed Captain Barmitzvah, the Yiddish terror of the high seas kidnaps ingénue Eliza Swine and it’s up to stable boy Will Doolittle to save her. Will forges an unlikely partnership with Captain Jack and sets out on a bizarre journey to stop Barmitzvah and his goofy crew of misfit pirates.

This hilarious show will really swash your buckle!

Nov 9 – Jan 6 2024

Falling on hard times, theater producer C.B. d’Mille tries to get a boost from Santa himself to generate interest in his new holiday show. Is this the real Santa, or an imposter? Meanwhile d’Mille’s rival, Hardy Steele is going out of his way to make sure the new show fails.

Give your regards to Bountiful in this holly jolly hilarious Christmas spectacular!

Aug 24 – Nov 4

Wednezday wants to try something new. Like, maybe just normal? But will her kooky ooky family accept her? She meets Ashley who loves the kooky ooky inside of her. But Ashley’s mom wants to blow up the Addams’ mansion to get at the oil underground.

Now Ashley and Wednezday must work together to stop Ashley’s mom and get their families blessings to marry, before all the Addams go up in smoke.

Mrs. Measley
Kerstin Hallows, Sara McDonald
Ashley Measley IV

Geoff Beckstrand, Grayson Kamel


Ashley Haslam, Samantha Isom

Groucho Addams

Brett Myers, Matt O’Malley

Cruella Addams

Britty Marie, Tannah O’Banion

Uncle Ted
Dan Harvey, Todd Michael Thompson
Cousin Bob
Derek Wayman, Lee Daily
Wednezday Addams
Brittany James, Bryn Campbell


Brooklyn Pulver Kohler, Matt Kohler
Musical Director
Maren Hansen
Kerstin Hallows
Zach Hansen, Jill Flanagan
Costume Design
Brytan Todd, Lee Daily
Set Designers, Builders, Painters, & Props
Ken Lineberry, Kent Parker, Ed Davis, Bronson Todd, Riley Newmeyer
Light Design
Bronson Todd
Sound Design
Brytan Todd
Light/Sound Tech
Chelsea McGee, Tiaree McGee, Rachel Holding
Stage Managers
David Bruner, Tracy McGee
Video & Projection Design
Jae Varela, Brytan Todd, Ben Thompson


Jun 8 – Aug 19

Hotshot pilot Maverick McKenzie and his fellow fighter aces blast through the sky at the Navy Fighter Weapons School, better known as Top Gun. But a devious Doctor, a crazy Karen, and a ruthless robot have their own evil plans for Top Gun and our band of heroes.

Will Maverick and his friends foil the villainous plot, or will Top Gun meet an untimely end?


Cheer the hero and boo the villain in this brand new supersonic parody the whole family will love!

Madison Portillo

Sara McDonald


Jamie Haderlie, Britany Fullmer

Female Swing

Rio LeFevre


Geoff Beckstrand

Dan Harvey, Derek Wayman
Bob Codger
Lee Daily, Matt O’Malley
Marc Reading, Dallin Lewis
Dr. X
Dann Howard, Michael K Ricks


Nick Seivert
Asst. Director
Beth Bruner
Musical Director/Pianist
Zach Hansen
Larissa Villers
Jill Flanagan, Tracy Bird
Stage Manager
David Bruner, Tracy McGee
Lee Daily, Alyce Todd
Brytan Todd, Bronson Todd


Top Fun Foto Gallery

Mar 23 – Jun 3

Average teen Marvin McFlea travels back in time to the totally awesome year of 1985 to make his parents rich and famous. But his meddling upsets the space/time continuum.

With help of Doc Emma Braun, he must battle an evil tetherball coach, Coach Strictman, along with his father’s nemesis: Buff Tanman. It’s 88 Miles of Laughter!!

Marvin McFlea
Geoff Beckstrand, Bryan Dayley
George McFlea

Jake Ulasich, Eric Ramaekers

Buff Tanman

Dan Harvey, Marc Reading

Coach Strictman

Matt O’Malley, Kyle Larsen

Cameo Man

Todd Michael Thompson, Lee Daily

Doc Emma Braun
Britty Marie Nielson, Carli Wilcox
Mandy Jones
Ashley LaRue Haslam, Melissa Cecala
Sloane Buhler
Brittany Andersen, Ari Bagley


Todd Michael Thompson
Musical Director
Bronson Todd
Assistant Music Director
Zach Hansen
Sam Isom
Zach Hansen, Jill Flanagan
Stage Manager
David Bruner, Tracy McGee
Tech Booth
Brytan Todd, Tiaree McGee, Chelsea McGee, Rachel Holding



Jan 5 – Mar 18

When her mother goes missing searching for treasure, Cynthia has to risk the dangers of the jungle to find her. She enlists the help of the daring and dashing Indiana Bones. But the villainous Herr Gutefahrt will stop at nothing to get the treasure first.

Can Indy and Cynthia reach the treasure in time and rescue her mother?

Indiana Bones
Nick Whitaker,
Richie T Steadman
Cynthia Sydney
Kimberley Motteshard,
Samantha Isom
Oswald Banning III
Matt O’Malley
Herr Gutefahrt
Jake Ulasich,
Lee Daily
Ronald Raboulson
Dan Harvey,
Todd Michael Thompson
Ruby Slippers
Hilly Carey,
Rio LeFevre
Tracy/Guide/Professor Sydney
Brittany James,
Britty Marie,
Madison Portillo


Todd Michael Thompson
Musical Director
Bronson Todd
 Hilly Carey
Jill Flanagan, Zach Hansen
Set Designers, Builders, Painters & props
Ken Lineberry, Kent Parker, Ed Davis, Riley Newmeyer, Willem Jacobsen, Aelianna Jacobsen
Costume Design
Brytan Todd, Lee Daily
Light Design
Bronson Todd
Sound Design
Brytan Todd
Light/Sound Tech
Chelsea McGee, Tiaree McGee
Stage Manager
David Bruner, Tracy McGee, Marc Reading
Video & Projection Design
Jae Varela, Brytan Todd, Ben Thompson