Nov 13 – Jan 3

Have you ever wondered what happened to Ebenezer Scrooge after he decided to reform? Come and laugh your way to the answer in this hilarious sequel to the Christmas classic. A vengeful Bob Cratchit wants to repay Scrooge for the years of misery he suffered. With the help of his now corrupt son, a not-so-tiny-Tiny Tim, he plans to destroy Scrooge’s business. Scrooge’s long lost love, becomes an unwitting pawn in Cratchit’s evil plans.

Now it’s up to the madcap Spirits of Christmas to once again visit Scrooge on Christmas Eve and save the day! Filled with music, wacky characters, and heartfelt moments, it’s the perfect entertainment for the holiday season!

Aug 28 – Nov 8

With a new villain in town, the Wicked Witch must team up with her former enemies to battle their new foe. After an explosion blows Vanna White’s dressing room Over The Rainbow, she finds herself in the magical land of Oz. While there, she gets the ruby sneakers and makes friends with a hilarious cast of Hollywood stars who have each found themselves lost in Oz. But when she learns how to control the power of the ruby sneakers, she becomes even wickeder than the Wicked Witch of West Valley!

Now the witches of Oz, who are mortal enemies, must work together to defeat Vanna. Otherwise, she’ll conquer Oz, become the supreme ruler, and make everyone watch nothing but Wheel of Fortune reruns!

Jun 12 – Aug 23

A group of contestants for a new hit Utah reality show are stranded on Antelope Island with little more than the clothes on their back. The lone survivor of this contest takes home a million dollars.

But they have to battle blood-sucking mosquitos, insanely unfriendly buffalo and especially each other. It’s truly outlandish. It’s truly outrageous. It’s truly hilarious! It’s Survivor: Antelope Island!

Apr 3 – Jun 7

Sofa Sheridan is a 20-year-old about to get married. But she has no idea who her daddy is. She invites three possible fathers to her Tooele wedding without telling her mother.

A parody of the songs of ABBA and the show of the same name, you’ll laugh your way through this jukebox musical comedy about family, Utah, and the correct way to say Tooele.

Jan 9 – Mar 29

Elder Kirtland and Elder Young are just trying to get their home teaching done for the month. While visiting with Doc, the duo discover he’s created a time machine to make genealogy easier. But when the elders start messing around with the family history helper, they get swept back to a time long ago and to a galaxy, far, far away! In trying to return to their own time, the elders intercept a distress call from Princess Alibama who has been captured by the evil Dark Knight and Empress Saltine. Eager to be of service, the elders enlist the help of the beautiful but tough space farmer, Raygun and Juan Solo, a cool shoot-first-ask-questions-later smuggler.

Will the eccentric group of heroes rescue the princess before she reveals the location of the rebel base? Will the elders make it back to their own time? Come find out with this crazy cast of iconic characters and their side-splitting, galactic high jinx as Desert Star takes you through this spoof of the nerd-o-verse.