Jul 28 – Sept 10

The dastardly Diamond Jack Butler is galloping toward taking control of the entire town of Deadwood. And the only thing standing in his way? Fearless Pony Express rider, Calamity Jane.

She can save Deadwood, but only if she works together with her old pal Wild Bill Hickok. Can Jane put her pride aside and let Wild Bill help or will she go lone wolf and lose to Butler? Find out in this rootin’ tootin’ laughtastic Western with the Desert Star comedy you know and love.

Calamity Jane
Ariana Bagley, Brytan Todd
Ambrosia Hepsibah
Alexis Owen, Jenny Riley
Cimarron Rose
Brooklynn Kohler, Melissa Cecala
Wild Bill Hickok
Issac Dowdle,  u/s Brett Myers
Diamond Jack Butler
Brett Myers, Kyle Larsen
Elmo Whittle
Danny Eggers, u/s Marc Reading
Grizzly Bear Gibbons
Marc Reading, Matt Kohler
Lumpy / Paddy
David Martin, Matt O’Malley


Brooklynn Kohler and Matt Kohler
Musical Director
Maren Hansen
Danny Eggers
Dance Captain
Ariana Bagley
Jill Flanagan, Zach Hansen
Brytan Todd
Set Design/Builders, Painters and Props
Ken Lineberry, Joseph May, Russ Gallegos, Rick Bergsma, Brooklyn Kohler, Matt Kohler
Light and Sound Design
Maeson Busk
Light.Sound Tech
Chelsea McGee, Tiaree McGee, Theo Tillman
Stage Manager
David Bruner
Video and Production Design
Jae Varela