Sep 15 – Nov 5

The neighborhood has gone to the bats! When Count Dracula moves into town, strange things begin to happen—especially for Dr. Seward. When his wife Mina and her friend, Lucy begin acting spooky, he calls on his bumbling old college professor, Dr. Van Helsing to help.

They must join forces to fight the Count or the audience just might die laughing!

Elle Woods
Ariana Bagley, Heather Shelley
Marsha Law

Kerstin Hallows, Larissa Villers

Scarlett O’Terra

Brittany Blaire Andersen, Amber Woody

Cameo Woman

Tannah O’Banion, Brittany James

Melvin Farkus

Matt Kohler, Dann Howard

Lenny Brillo
Danny Eggers, Isaac Dowdle
Todd Hunk
Nick Whitaker, David K. Martin
Cameo Man
Matt O’Malley, Isaac Dowdle


Brooklynn Kohler & Matt Kohler
Musical Director
David K. Martin
Kerstin Hallows
Zach Hansen & Jill Flanagan
Set Designers/Builders, Painters & Props
Ken Lineberry, Joseph May, Russ Gallegos, Rick Bergsma, Brooklyn Kohler, Isaac Dowdle
Costume Design
Larissa Villers, Alyce Todd
Light & Sound Design
Maeson Busk
Light/Sound Tech
Chelsea McGee, Tiaree McGee, Theo Tillman, Maeson Busk, Miles Broadhead
Stage Manager
Danny Eggers, David Bruner, Kevin VanNoy
Video & Production Design
Jae Varela, Ben Thompson & Big Thanks to KUTV2 News