Mar 23 – Jun 3

Average teen Marvin McFlea travels back in time to the totally awesome year of 1985 to make his parents rich and famous. But his meddling upsets the space/time continuum.

With help of Doc Emma Braun, he must battle an evil tetherball coach, Coach Strictman, along with his father’s nemesis: Buff Tanman. It’s 88 Miles of Laughter!!

Marvin McFlea
Geoff Beckstrand, Bryan Dayley
George McFlea

Jake Ulasich, Eric Ramaekers

Buff Tanman

Dan Harvey, Marc Reading

Coach Strictman

Matt O’Malley, Kyle Larsen

Cameo Man

Todd Michael Thompson, Lee Daily

Doc Emma Braun
Britty Marie Nielson, Carli Wilcox
Mandy Jones
Ashley LaRue Haslam, Melissa Cecala
Sloane Buhler
Brittany Andersen, Ari Bagley


Todd Michael Thompson
Musical Director
Bronson Todd
Assistant Music Director
Zach Hansen
Sam Isom
Zach Hansen, Jill Flanagan
Stage Manager
David Bruner, Tracy McGee
Tech Booth
Brytan Todd, Tiaree McGee, Chelsea McGee, Rachel Holding