Mar 28 – Jun 8

It’s a fistful of laughs! Two famous outlaws, Butch Cassidy and the Sunburnt Kid, make a stop in Murray, Utah to hide out from the law. But their oldest rival, the devious gambler Deadeye Dawson, is trying to swindle the local townsfolk out of their mine.

Butch and his loyal sidekick find themselves in a high noon showdown to save the day before it’s too late! It’s a wild west adventure full of cowboys and comedy that you won’t want to miss!

Butch Cassidy
Jake Ulasich, David Martin
Sundance Kid

Connor Thompson, Eric Ramaekers, Geoff Beckstrand


Todd Michael Thompson, Dan Harvey

Deadeye Dawson

Lee Daily, Brett Meyers, Dann Howard

Jed Place

Matt Mullaney, Marc Reading

Dr. Harley Quinn
Kathryn Baker, Sam Isom
Etta Place
Brittany James, Kimberly Motteshard
Floozy du Jour
Ashley LaRue Haslam, Bryn Campbell


Todd Michael Thompson
Musical Director
Bronson Todd
Samantha Isom
Zach Hansen, Jill Flanagan
Costume Design
Brytan Todd, Lee Daily
Set Designers/Builders, Painters & Props
Ken Lineberry, Kent Parker, Ed Davis
Light Design
Bronson Todd
Sound Design
Brytan Todd
Light/Sound Tech
Chelsea McGee, Tiaree McGee, Kate Reading, Rachel Holding
Stage Manager
David Bruner, Tracy McGee
Video & Production Design
Jae Varela, Brytan Todd, Bronson Todd, Ben Thompson