Jan 5 – Mar 18

When her mother goes missing searching for treasure, Cynthia has to risk the dangers of the jungle to find her. She enlists the help of the daring and dashing Indiana Bones. But the villainous Herr Gutefahrt will stop at nothing to get the treasure first.

Can Indy and Cynthia reach the treasure in time and rescue her mother?

Indiana Bones
Nick Whitaker,
Richie T Steadman
Cynthia Sydney
Kimberley Motteshard,
Samantha Isom
Oswald Banning III
Matt O’Malley
Herr Gutefahrt
Jake Ulasich,
Lee Daily
Ronald Raboulson
Dan Harvey,
Todd Michael Thompson
Ruby Slippers
Hilly Carey,
Rio LeFevre
Tracy/Guide/Professor Sydney
Brittany James,
Britty Marie,
Madison Portillo


Todd Michael Thompson
Musical Director
Bronson Todd
 Hilly Carey
Jill Flanagan, Zach Hansen
Set Designers, Builders, Painters & props
Ken Lineberry, Kent Parker, Ed Davis, Riley Newmeyer, Willem Jacobsen, Aelianna Jacobsen
Costume Design
Brytan Todd, Lee Daily
Light Design
Bronson Todd
Sound Design
Brytan Todd
Light/Sound Tech
Chelsea McGee, Tiaree McGee
Stage Manager
David Bruner, Tracy McGee, Marc Reading
Video & Projection Design
Jae Varela, Brytan Todd, Ben Thompson