Jan 11 – Mar 23

Cursed Captain Barbossa, the terror of the high seas kidnaps ingénue Eliza Swine and it’s up to stable boy Will Doolittle to save her. Will forges an unlikely partnership with Captain Jack and sets out on a bizarre journey to stop Barbossa and his goofy crew of misfit pirates.

This hilarious show will really swash your buckle!

Jack Sprat
Todd Michael Thompson, Justin Berry
Will Doolittle

Geoff Beckstrand, Connor Thompson, Eric Ramaekers

Captain Stubing

Marc Reading, Matt O’Malley

Captain Barbossa

Jake Ulasich, Lee Daily


Richie Steadman, Dan Harvey

Eliza Swine
Samantha Isom, Rio LeFevre
Governess Swine
Kerstin Hallows, Kathryn Baker, Melissa Cecala
Carli Wilcox, Brytan Todd


Todd Michael Thompson
Musical Director
Bronson Todd
Show Choreographer
Samantha Isom
Zach Hansen & Jill Flanagan
Costume Design
Brytan Todd & Lee Daily
Set Designers, Builders, Painters & Props
Ken Lineberry, Kent Parker, Ed Davis, Brytan Todd, Riley Newmeyer, Willem Jacobsen, Aelianna Jacobsen
Light Design
Bronson Todd
Sound Design
Brytan Todd
Light/Sound Techs
Chelsea McGee, Tiaree McGee, Kate Reading, Brytan Todd, Rachel Holding
Stage Manager
David Bruner, Tracy McGee
Video & Projection Design
Jae Varela, Brytan Todd, Ben Thompson